Neo Res Immobilien is a dedicated real estate agent for the purchase and sale of residential properties in the most beautiful locations of Berlin.

„We loved Berlin long before making the city our profession.“

Emanuel Scheibel, CEO
Neo Res Immobilien

The two founding partners and managing directors, Sebastian Kohlmeyer and Emanuel Scheibel, share a solid experience in the Berlin property market and – above all – a passion for the development of new ideas and projects with a very particular attention to detail.

In their company they rely on flat hierarchies, a personal touch in dealing with clients and business partners – and a familiar’ working environment.

The two are supported by a carefully selected team of specially trained personnel: deeply rooted with Berlin, internationally experienced and multi-lingual, we advise and inform our national and international clients in German, English, French, Spanish, Danish or Vietnamese.

„Each one of us is so familiar with the urban trends and constant change of the districts of Berlin that we recognize the potential of new locations long before it is proven by statistical evidence.“

Sebastian Kohlmeyer, CEO
Neo Res Immobilien


We don’t assume that the purchase or sale of a property is part of our clients’ everyday business: for most it’s a decision with a profound effect on their lives. That’s why the first joint step we take in every new project is the careful exchange about our clients’ exact ideas and wishes. Also, while we impart buyers knowledge about the current situation on the Berlin housing market, we provide sellers and landlords with a realistic evaluation of their property.


Over the years, Neo Res Immobilien has been building an extensive tested and proven partner network in Berlin, enabling us to offer clients an increasingly comprehensive service range. For instance, under the leadership of Jochen Fischer the subsidiary company reNeo is responsible for our clients’ home improvements and renovations.

Whenever needed we’re glad to assist in establishing connections to external competences, too: Our contacts include financial advisors, legal experts, property managers, property surveyors, structural engineers and architects.


Questions? Interested in a co-operation? Feel like getting to know us in person? We’d love to. The office of Neo Res Immobilien can be contacted or visited during normal business hours. Naturally, we’re also available for a meeting at a particular residential property. Contact us by phone: +49 (0) 30 4401 70 00 or e-Mail: